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When I started VideoDep in 1995.  I understood the necessity of working in conjunction with the court reporting profession.  I also recognized how video served as an imposition for the individual court reporter.  Everything from the procedure to the room configuration changed with video.  To minimize the impact of these changes, I incorporated a court reporters kit into our standard deposition set-up.  The kit included a laptop stand, headphones, professional audio cassette recorder, power strip and extension cord.  The kit was set-up, taped down and ready for the court reporter's use upon arrival.  VideoDep pioneered the practice of providing this courtesy to the court reporter.  Although technology has changed over the years, as we now provide audio synchronization feeds and digital MP3 audio files in lieu of audio cassette recordings, one thing still remains the same though, and that's our commitment to serving the court reporter.

Bill Marinakis, CLVS, CCVS, CVDS,CDVS


Provided to the Court Reporter at every Deposition

  • Audio Synchronization Feed.

     (Replaces your single audio sync microphone with a connection directly from our microphone mixer.   

     We will also provide instructions and assistance on how to properly hook-up your computer's audio

     sync to our system to ensure optimum sound quality)

  • Comfortable Light Weight Head Phones w/Volume Control.

     (Connects directly to our microphone mixer, amplifying the sound from each microphone)

  •  Separate Audio Recording.

     (In addition to a audio sync connection we will also provide to you a mp3 or a wav audio recording)

  • Power Supply Hook-up.

    (We will run a extension cord, tape it down and attach a power strip for your use during the


  • A Laptop Stand.

    (For situations when there is not enough room on the table)