• Depositions.

     (Standard, Multi-Camera, Split-Screen, Picture-in-Picture)

  • Independent-Medical-Examinations.

  • Autopsies / Medical.

  • Forensic Experiments & Destructive Testing. 

  • Will Execution Ceremonies.

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement Signings.

  • Business Contract Signings.

  • Pre-Construction Surveys / Draws.

  • Vehicle & Accident Scene Inspections.

  • Mock Juries / Trial Preparation.

  • Videoconferencing / Web-Streaming.

  • Video and Audio Encoding (All Formats).

  • Photographs From Video.

  • Video and Audio Editing (Import & Export All Formats - NTSC, PAL, SECAM).

  • European Video Conversion (PAL, SECAM).

  • Video and Audio Duplication (All Formats).

  • Video and Transcript Synchronization.

(All Formats - Digital Video Transcript, Trial Director, Sanction, etc.)



Note:  Our services are not limited to the above list.  Please inquire for a service that is not shown above.

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