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 Video Deposition Tips:

  • To avoid signal interference from radio waves turn off all cell phones or switch to airplane mode.
  • Have the witness wear a medium or dark solid colored shirt, blouse, suit, or sport coat.
  • If possible, have the witness remove eye glasses when necessary to avoid glare.
  • Have the witness address the camera when responding to questions.
  • Have the witness sit upright in his/her chair, do not rock or sway.
  • Beware of extraneous noises that may interfere such as: paper shuffling, clicking pens, finger or

    pencil tapping, gum pencil chewing or sucking candy, rubbing hands or face.

  • Do not put hands by face, i.e. rest chin or cover mouth.
  • Clear unused documents  and binders from the view of the camera.
  • Clear unused drinking glasses, coffee mugs, or soft drink bottles from the view of the camera.
  • Clear laptop computers and mobile devices from the view of the camera.
  • Use a medium or dark colored backdrop, blue or gray is preferrable.
  • Use supplemental lighting when necessary.
  • Make sure that the camera is eye level and not pointing up or down at the witness.
  • Have the witness pause a moment after a question to allow for objections or instructions by counsel.
  • Advise the videographer prior to the start of the deposition of any exhibits, charts or models that you

    would like to have a close-up shot of.