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Why record execution of pre-nups?

by Gerry W. Beyer

Texas Tech School of Law


Day-In-The-Life Video, Plaintiffs Ace In The Hole.

National Law Journal

June 9, 2000


Preventing frustration of the Testator's wishes?


CIL #48

Videoconferencing solves many of the most pressing challenges faced by today's busy business and legal professionals.  It is an excellent way to reduce cost, and eliminate the headaches of travel, while boosting productivity.

"We use VideoDep because of their professional and accommodating attitude.  The professionals at VideoDep use uniform equipment which means every video has the same excellent visual and auditory standard.  They use cutting edge technology and the self-enclosed deposition software is easy to use and impressive in front of a jury."


Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.

O'Steen & Harrison


Established 1995

Choosing the right legal videographer can be hit or miss.  Rest assured. VideoDep,  has the Technology, Experience, and Professionalism to ensure a complete, accurate, and high quality record every time without fail.

VideoDep, Inc.

Legal Video Productions & Videoconferencing

"I have used VideoDep for years.  They are a family owned business who care about the customer.  They provide seamless and professional services from start to finish.  They can produce depositions in all formats, as well as accommodate our videoconferencing needs.  In this world of competition, service and quality matter to me, and that's why I choose VideoDep."


Kathleen Wieneke, Esq.

Struck Wieneke & Love, PLLC

  • Depositions (Split-Screen & Pic-in-Pic)
  • Video & Transcript Synchronization
  • Independent-Medical-Examinations
  • Day-In-The-Life / Daily Activity
  • Will Execution Ceremonies 
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement Signings


VideoDep, Inc., has provided an array of legal video production services, ranging from depositions to Autopsies.  We serve many of the prominent law firms and court reporting firms in Arizona and from across the country.